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Earth Auger Petrol Borer 82cc Post Hole Digger 3Drills Bits ULTRA SHARP BLADES

£ 289.00

NEW 82cc post hole digger by HORTI POWER
New Horti Power 82cc post hole digger is just what tradesmen, commercial operators or handymen wish for. Designed and engineered specifically for low fatigue and great maneuverability, this earth auger has dual-ring high compression piston, dual-balanced crank, and an easy start feature.

The perfect balance of Power vs Weight and fuel consumption, effortlessly delivering as much or more power than any other models.

Using this unique combination along with a full size commercial right-angle drive, large capacity fuel tank and high tensile gear set, durability and reliability are second to none.

It offers superior drilling depths up to an amazing 2.0 metres which ensures you're covered no matter what the task, includes a bonus 100mm, 150mm, 200mm   auger bits plus 2x extension shafts. Ultra Blade System allows to increase the efficiency of work.
Whether it be digging holes for fence posts, decking supports, retaining walls, plumbing, planting trees or general construction.

This exciting new model is a must have and it is just the same quality comparable to other high quality brands retailing at a much higher price.

• Powerful 82cc Engine
• Dual weighted crank, double ringed piston
• Industry-Standard 20mm Auger Mount
• 3x Auger bits Included (100mm 150mm 200mm), all of them with 1 metre full length and ultra sharp blade
• 2x extension 600mm, 400mm
• Patented Easy Start System reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting
• Full Size heavy duty and durable right angle drive gearbox
• Comfort and quality ergonomic hand grips
• Large Capacity 1.2L fuel tank
• Ultra Blade system to help increase efficiency. Blade can be sharpened/changed/replaced
• Can dig up to 2.0 metres

Manufacturer Horti Power
Engine Type Petrol Two Stroke
Displacement / Maximum Power 82cc
Max. Engine Speed 9,500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.2 Litre
Fuel Mix 25:1 to 40:1
Fuel Type Unleaded 90+RON
Size 100 / 150 / 200mm(Dia) with 100cm(L)
Gear Reduction 34:1 worm drive
Speed 0 - 300 rpm
Weight 11 kg
External Dimension 47cm(W) x 40cm(L) x 127cm(H)